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YDM7220 BioSecure


YDM7220 BioSecure

Keep your loved ones safe and healthy by ensuring all touch points around the house is cleaned and disinfected properly and frequently. Thanks to the BioSecure™ anti-bacterial solution, our lever handle is coated with BioSecure™, which is formulated using silver ion to inhibit bacteria growth and reduce the risk of secondary infections, especially in elderly people and the young ones.

You can choose from different types of door access control for your home, from fingerprint scan to personalised PIN code, RFID key tag or simply via the Yale Access mobile app. Yale redefines peace of mind with the BioSecure™ technology that addresses hygiene concerns while you enjoy a convenient and secure entrance solution for you and your family.

  • Fingerprint
  • PIN Code
  • RFID Keytag
  • Bluetooth
  • Yale Access app*
  • Remote Control (Optional - Sold Separately)

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