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Shower Screen Sliding Door
Shower Screen Sliding Door


Shower Screen Sliding Door


A shower screen sliding door is a type of door that is designed for use in bathrooms or shower enclosures. This type of door is typically made of glass and operates by sliding along a track system.

Shower screen sliding doors are popular because they provide an elegant and modern look to the bathroom or shower area. The use of glass allows for a clean and spacious look, and the sliding mechanism saves space, making it an excellent option for smaller bathrooms.

One of the main benefits of shower screen sliding doors is their ease of use. The sliding mechanism allows for a smooth and effortless opening and closing of the door, and it also reduces the risk of water spilling out of the shower enclosure.

Another advantage of shower screen sliding doors is their versatility. They are available in a range of sizes, styles, and designs, so they can be customized to suit a variety of bathroom or shower enclosure configurations. They can also be designed with various finishes and hardware options, such as handles and towel bars, to match the existing bathroom decor.

Shower screen sliding doors are also easy to clean and maintain. The use of tempered glass makes them durable and resistant to breakage, and they can be easily wiped clean with a squeegee or a microfiber cloth.

In summary, a shower screen sliding door is a stylish and practical option for any bathroom or shower enclosure. They are easy to use, versatile, and easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who want a modern and functional shower enclosure.

From RM 45 / sqft** 
Price include Installation & Delivery

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