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swing door

A European solid swing door is a type of interior or exterior door that embodies the classic and enduring design principles of European craftsmanship and aesthetics. These doors are known for their robust construction, timeless elegance, and exceptional quality.

- PSB durability tested ( 150,000 cycles)
- Trend setter for door designs and materials
- Carry the most variety of doors
- Benefits young, elderly and wheelchair bound users with PD door’s universal design
- No bottom track for barrier free access
- Comes with aluminium hinges which will not rust

+ No bottom track, ensuring a

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Lamina Glass is ideally suited with our products, such as Bi-Fold Doors, Swing Doors, Sliding Doors and Cabinets. Explore and select from our wide variety of Lamina Glass according to your individual and preferences.

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Doors are often overlooked, users frequently forget to appreciate the influence they can make in a room. While they are used for privacy and security, they can also bring style and unexpected act as a decorative accessory. As a swing door supplier in Malaysia, Vitally is here to change your perception of conventional doors.

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