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PVC Melamine Door

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Laminate doors differentiate from the types of the manufacturing process. It is easier to produce them. As we can understand from the name, the core element is wood. The material is derived by compressing the fire tree, which calls MDF. Compressed again with cardboard to make a laminate. But this is not the only process. Like the laminate flooring, it is painted or patterned according to the desired color and shapes. This will create the final status of the laminate. So what are the features of it? Here are the most important ones.
  • Laminate doors are very durable.
  • It has endless color and pattern choices. You can specialize in it.
  • As it is MDF in basic, you can put in place reliefs on the product.
  • You can use them with all kinds of styles like modern, classic, avant-garde, and others.
  • Although it is a kind of interior door, you can also use them outside like balconies.
  • Also, it is possible to add extra heath and sound insulation.