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philips digital lock

⭐ Wifi Connection
⭐ Pin code Distributing
⭐ Access Record Query
⭐ Facial Recognition
⭐ Indoor Infrared Sensor
⭐ Automatic Locking
⭐ 3D Face Unlock
⭐ Various ways of unlocking : Fingerprints, Pincodes, Key Tags, Mechanical Key, One time pin code
⭐ Fully auto mortise
⭐ C grade lock cylinder
⭐ Multiple alerts

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⭐Full automatic: more safety, more freedom
🔒With the simplicity brought by speedy unlock and auto lock and the safety ensured by dual verification and C-grade lock cylinder, Alpha is a solid choice for a smart life.

✅The ergonomic design even makes it a pleasure to push the door open.

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